Hey you!

My name is Carla Melanie Pal.
I’m an Viennese artist working with pencil, pen, paint, digital media and poetry.

I was born and raised in Vienna and still live here. I started drawing as a child and drew whenever and wherever I could. Sketching at bus stations, parks, church’s, people. After graduating from Fashion school I studied art for a year in a small uni in Barcelona. Most of my skill’s and styl I thought myself though. I discovered a passion to explore stories that were rooted in a universe both dark and fantastic. Drawing and creating brings me peace and offers me a place to escape to. Art is my outlet. I’m happiest with a pencil in hand.

Finger painting, 2004
Uni in Barcelona, June 2022

Education History
2012 – 2016        Fashion college with a focus on trade and creative production techniques, Herbststraße, 1160 Vienna
  • Thesis: Diversity
  • 2016 – 2019        Fashion college – advanced course, HLMW9 Michelbeuern, 1090 Vienna
  • Thesis: Gray out, colour in – the portrait as an individual – art and artists from the 1920s to the 50s

  • 2019 – 2020        University Vienna – Art History
    2020 – 2021        Metafora Studio Arts Programs, Barcelona, Spain
    2022                      Wifi course: Training to become a qualified e-commerce expert

    Work History

    Internship: Salzburgerfestspielhaus, Salzburg

    2021 – 2022        Lena Hoschek GmbH, Bunny Bogart Online Shop
    2023                   Popolini, BMK Handels- und Vertriebs GmbH, Online Shop
    2023                   Frauenthal Handels Gruppe AG, E-Commerce

    2021                   Logo Design Henkel Ibérica S.A., Barcelona, Spain
    2021 – 2022        Graphic’s for Social Media, Bunny Bogart, Vienna, Austria